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(I assume you may already have one...)

Before I start, let me make this perfectly clear...

YES! Earn $200-$800 More Per Month Before You Ever Generate a Single Lead...
YES! Earn $200-$800 More Per Month Before You Ever Make a Single Product Sale...
YES! Earn $200-$800 More Per Month Before You Ever Recruit a Single Dsitributor...

Thursday, June 9, 2011  

RE: How to make money with your MLM BEFORE ever selling anything or referring anyone

Tell me, honestly, what was the one most influential determining factor that made you start, or look into starting a home based business? I feel pretty safe saying it was most likely to "Make more money."


Maybe you are just hoping to "realistically" make a few hundred to a few thousand dollars a month.

Maybe you were bitten by the "Home Based Business Dream Bug" and see yourself living it up on a beach somewhere drinking margaritas and casually logging in to your bank account to see how much money you made last night while you were asleep.

Maybe your main goal is to have more "Time Freedom..." or "Be able to spend more time with your family..." etc.

No matter the reason, no matter what your goals are for your business, there are 2 things I can tell you FOR SURE that are true for you in your business, no matter what kind of business you are operating.


First: No matter what "they" tell you, it is going to take some actual
REAL WORK to grow your business

I don't care what your upline told you when they recruited you into your business; it is NOT going to just grow itself. Maybe this news has come as a shock to you, and if you are shocked, be glad that someone is finally telling you the truth.

The truth is you are actually going to have to put in some REAL EFFORT in order to build a stable, long term, and lucrative business.

You are going to have to either put in some "real effort" in the form of time or money.

Time spent learning the business, talking to people, using the internet for marketing, etc.

Or you are going to use your "time" to "LEARN HOW" and then spend some "money" marketing your business.

Second: There are MANY little known and rarely leveraged tools, strategies, techniques and benefits that are available for you to work "Smarter rather than Harder" in your Home Based Business

There are about a million "Gurus" out there promoting about 10 million different eBooks, training manuals and marketing systems that will help you to find more people (both online and offline) for you to recruit into your business...

That is NOT what this site is about.

This site is NOT about teaching you how to grow your business (although when you do what I will show you, it will happen automatically) and it is not about how to recruit more people (this also will happen when you do what I suggest). That's just not what this site is about.

Just like it is stated above, this site is about teaching you:

How to leverage the LEGAL Tax Benefits of ANY legitimate Home Based Business that will increase your after tax, take home income by as much as $200-$800 or more PER MONTH before you ever generate a single lead, sell a single product or recruit a single new associate into your business.

To clarify, this is money that you have already earned at your day job, your full-time business, or your spouse's day job.

(maybe you have already "Made it" and neither of you are working a regular JOB, then this like any of the situations above will still help you get the most tax breaks on what you are earning from your business.)

We are talking about an actual increase in your TAKE HOME Cash! Actual money that you will start using immediately from the paycheck you are already earning from your regular job --


Seriously, when you follow what you will learn below, you will bring home an additional $200-$800 or more starting with your very next paycheck!

This is not at all about making more sales, recruiting more people etc.

This is about the fact that Congress has passed laws granting anyone running a legitimate home based business THOUSANDS of dollars in tax breaks that you will take advantage of.

These tax breaks will allow you to pay less in taxes out of each paycheck, and allow you to take home potentially hundreds of dollars in additional income each month, from the work that you are already doing.

Congress officially declared to the IRS:

"Give thousands of dollars in tax breaks to Americans who run a Home-Based Business -- Even on a Part time basis -- and don't make them wait until April 15th to get their money."

Additionally, the Supreme Court stated in the case of Gregory vs. Helvering, 293 US 465 (1935):

"The Legal right of a taxpayer to decrease the amount of his taxes, or altogether avoid them by means which the law permits,
cannot be doubted"

In the words of the Best Selling Author Robert Allen (successful promoter of the "Multiple Streams of Income" concept):

"Everyone with a home-based business needs this information. Everyone without a home-based business needs it even more. - Robert Allen"

Think about it:

Will the extra $200 to $800, per month, or more, of immediate cash money make a difference for you and your family?

Will the extra $200 to $800, per month, or more, of immediate cash money help you start, build and grow your business?

Of course it will!

So What Will You Do With The Money?

$800 a month will cover all or most of your house payment...
It Will Cover Your Auto-Ship Costs and System Membership Fees....
It's Gonna Give You The Marketing Budget You Need to Get Your Opportunity in Front of More People, Grow Your Organization and Sell More Products Which all Equals More Money For You...
$800 a Month Will Cover the Money You Need to Invest in Developing Multiple Streams of Income...
This Extra Money Will Be a Way For You to Cover ALL of Your Home Business Costs, Like, Buying a New Computer, Your Phone and Internet Bills, Lunch Meetings, Gas and Other Travel Expenses etc...
It Will Help You Cover Your Travel Expenses So You Can Go To Networking and Training Events, so you Can Grow Your Knowledge and Your Network, Which Will Build Your Business and Make You More Money...
It Will Give You The Cash You Need to Invest in Marketing Training Programs and System So You Can Explode Your Business in Record Time...

Or Maybe You'll Use it To...

Buy a New Car...
Go on More Vacations....
Get into the Dream House You've Always Hoped For...
Give Your Spouse and Kids The Christmas, Birthdays, Anniversarys etc. You've Always Wanted to...
Put it Away in Your Kid's Collage Fund...
You Name it! The Sky's the Limit...

You Can Essentially "Partner with Uncle Sam" as I Like to say -- let Uncle Sam Cover the Cost of Your Business!

Now, thinking from this perspective , I am sure you can understand that when you know exactly how to take an average person, working an 8:00 to 5:00 job, and show them how, by simply joining you in your business (NO MATTER WHAT BUSINESS OR COMPANY IT IS, as long as it is legitimate) you will show them how to increase their after-tax income by $200-$800 or more per month, it would make it ALOT easier to recruit people right?

I can hear it now: "Hey Joe, I'm going to help you get a $200-$800 per month raise without having to work any harder or even ask your boss for it..."

I think you get my drift.

OK, now that you are starting to see the value behind this largely un-leveraged benefit of running your own home-based business, you are faced with 3 Major Problems that you will learn to overcome in order to take advantage of it, and make sure that you are doing so legally.

FIRST: You will need to know the actual tax laws.

You will need to know the tax code inside and out so you can make sure you are in line with the law.

You will not only need to know the tax code as it is today, but you will have to know each and every law that might change in the future, many of which change regularly.

This problem can be virtually impossible to overcome on your own and is the reason why 99% of the people running a home based business do not take advantage of these readily available tax breaks.

Most people don't know the law, don't know where to go to find out more about it, or are just too scared to try it for fear of getting into trouble.

SECOND: Once you understand which tax breaks you are eligible for and understand what you need to do to take advantage of them you are then faced with the problem of actually getting organized and keeping track of all of your deductions in a format that will be easily referenced when you and/or your tax professional do your tax filings at the end of the year. (And easily presented if Heaven forbid you get slapped with the dreaded IRS Audit!)

THIRD: Let's say you learn and understand the law; you have done everything you needed to do to get the most of your legal advantages, tracked all your expenses, and documented your deductions, etc. Now, you have to find a Tax Professional who really KNOWS the Home-Based Business Tax laws. Most CPA's, accountants and "Tax Professionals" are either unaware of the tax advantages available to home business owners or they are simply afraid to tell you about them.

Afraid? Why would my Accountant be Afraid to tell me about them?

Because most "Tax Professionals" wrongly believe that taking advantage of these perfectly legal tax deductions and credits could cause you to get audited.

Of course, nothing could be further from the truth! They are likely basing these beliefs on outdated laws that used to make it almost a sure thing to get audited... But not anymore!

These are 100% legal, ethical, and available tax credits granted to you by Congress. You won't need to fear an audit as long as you:

That's it! That's all it really takes to "Qualify" for these amazing Home BusinessTax Advantages!

At first glance these problems might seem like they are too much to deal with?

You might be sitting there feeling like the other 99% of home business owners out there who are losing out on the hundreds of dollars per month of additional take-home income because they are either unaware of the benefits, too scared to do anything about it or think that they don't have enough time to do what it takes?

Honestly, those fears are entirely legitimate. Trying to figure all this out on your own is pretty much impossible for just about everyone! There are entire libraries FULL of tax codes that you would have to read through in order to find the specific laws that apply to you and your business.

It is just not possible to do it on your own!

Without the right "TOOLS" and hands-on assistance from qualified home-business tax experts to guide you though the process, I would be the first to tell you to forget about it and not even risk trying to figure it out on your own.



So, you want to take advantage of these amazing Tax Advantages?

What are your options for getting your hands on these "Tools"?

As I see it you basically have 3 options if you want to take advantage of these amazing tax deductions/benefits:

FIRST: You can go about trying to figure it out for yourself.

Remember what I said above: "Without the right "TOOLS" and hands-on assistance from a qualified home business tax experts to guide you though the process, I would be the first to tell you to forget about it and not even risk trying to figure it out on your own."

Really, this is not an option for most people.

SECOND: Head over to Google, and look up one of the hundreds of "Home Business Tax Gurus" who will more than willing sell you an out-dated Book, eBook or tax planning kit and then push you off and say...

Not to mention the fact that 99% of the people that buy these products will never actually open the book or review the info in the course.

Again, as I see it, NOT really an option for most people.

Remember: the tax laws are constantly changing, I know of one law that changed 3 weeks ago! So any Book or course that was published before then is now outdated, and if you run your business based on what these books or courses are teaching you, you will be doing so on outdated info!

This could cost you thousands in missed tax deductions or worse yet, make you vulnerable if you are AUDITED

THIRD (AND ONLY REAL OPTION FOR YOU): Leverage the Revolutionary Suite of Professional Business Tools and Qualified Tax Expert Support available ONLY through:


Business Tax Advantage


With your membership to MLM Tax Advantage you will simply be armed with all of the Tools, Training and Support needed to GET MORE CASH Starting This Month by taking advantage of all of the tax benefits available to all Home Business Owners.

When you follow the easy to understand step-by-step process for just a few minutes each day you will be able to take advantage of all of the following tax deductions and many more:

Business use of your car or truck
By leveraging just this one deduction you could be able to increase your monthly take home income by hundreds per month! You will want to leverage this deduction, at the very least!
Marketing tools and office supplies
Pretty much every thing you need to run your home office to properly build your business is now tax deductible.
Portions of your rent, mortgage, home-maintenance and repairs
Write off the portion of your home that is regularly used for business purposes.
Write off a portion of your utilities
A portion of your gas, electric, water, sewer, garbage and other utilities can be a tax deductible business expense.
Hire your kids to work in your business
Don't pay your children an allowance - Teach them while they are young the value of hard work and the benefits of owning a home based business. If you hire them to work for you, you can deduct what you pay them as a business expense. The best part is if they are under 18, some or all of the income they receive is non-taxable so they get to keep everything they earn.
Mobile phones, office phone and internet service
Write off the business use portion of your home and/or mobile phone, as well as your internet service.
Gifts, meals, recreation and entertainment expenses
Turn your next lunch or dinner at your favorite restaurant, golf game or other sporting event into a tax deductible business expense.
Non-reimbursed medical and health care expenses
Anything your employer does not cover could be covered by your home-based business.
Computers, furniture, furnishings, and other office equipment
Desks, chairs, copy machine, fax machines, laptops, printers are all tax deductible business expenses.
Business travel that may include a family vacation
Go on a business trip and stay a few extra days and relax with your spouse and the rest of the family.
Meetings and conventions
These can be local, out of state, or in another country as long as they are ordinary and necessary for your business.

Plus many more business costs and expenses

This is a very short list of the many business deductions available to you when you start and operate a legitimate home-based business with the intent to make profit.

Can you see it?!

Can you see how following the simple steps available to you through your MLM Tax Advantage membership will allow you to bring home as much as $200 to $800 or more per month from the simple, legal, tax deductions available to all Home Business Owners?

OK! OK! I Want it! BUT, I am Not Quite Sure
Exactly What I'll Get With an MLM Tax Advantage Membership?

The Answer is... YOU'll GET IT ALL! Everything you will need to learn what deductions apply to you and your business (with the help of a Qualified Home Business Tax Expert) and then all the tools you will want to use to keep excellent records so you can maximize your deductions by spending just a few minutes each day.

Introducing YOUR MLM Tax Advantage!

The MLM Tax Advantage Membership is Powered By The Amazing:

Business Tax Advantage

Let us Be The Tax Experts So You Don't Have To!

Most accounting and tax systems on the market throw a ton of information at you and expect you to learn and implement it all by yourself.

You don't really want to have to study tax law, right?

Your time is better spent building your business.

We’ve put years of experience into deductr to make it the easiest, most user-friendly program available.

And it’s specifically designed for the Mutli-Level Marketing industry.

deductr asks you some basic questions at the beginning, just like a tax professional would in a personal consultation, and then it configures itself for your specific needs.

In total, it’s a patent-pending program that we are confident will help you be more profitable, faster, and put up to $200-$800 or more extra money back in your pocket each month.



A deductr Success Story - "$350 Per Month in Extra Cash"

Jason and Cheryl have a typical American family with two children. Both have full-time jobs: Jason works in construction and Cheryl is a nurse. To generate some extra income, they decided to start a home business on the side. They were unknowingly spending thousands of dollars on expenses which could now be deductible. With the assistance of deductr, they were able to pocket over $350 per month in extra, spendable cash through taking the proper deductions and lowering their overall tax liability.

Jason & Cheryl - deductr Members

Your deductr Membership Will Come With All The Imformation, Every Tool and All The Support You'll Need To Increase your Cash Flow and Explode Your Downline Starting Today!

Here's Just a Taste of What You'll Get...

An exclusive, virtual business assessment that uniquely positions you to optimize your business tax deductions and walks you through exactly what you need to do to bring home extra cash starting today.

If you went to your CPA and asked her to help you set up your business so that you would be able to get all of tax deductions for which you are eligible, she would first ask you several questions, and then design a business tax strategy for your unique situation. That's what Deductr does for you for a fraction of the price!


A virtual library of tax and business management education that includes training videos, helpful tips, and "Ask the Expert" Q&A: our tax expert answers home business tax questions submitted by Deductr members.

We have sifted through the volumes and volumes of current tax code and condensed it down to just the basics that you need to know in order to maximize your deductions and run your business at the optimal level.

And, unlike every other product available on the market our knowledgebase is updated with each and every change in the tax law.

So You will always be kept up-to-date!

Just this ONE component on the MLM Tax Advantage membership will save you COUNTLESS HOURS of research and is easily 100 times more valuable than all of the other "Gurus'" products that are available on the market today. No other product compares to even just THIS ONE piece of what you get as part of your MLM Tax Advantage and Deductr Memberships.


With this simple yet powerful Home Business accounting software program, you will able to track all your business transactions in one central location.

Track all your commissions/revenue, expenses, deductions, etc. using this software in just minutes per day.

Imagine, spending just a few minutes per day with this system and keeping $200 to $800 or more per month in take home income! Basically getting paid a few hundred dollars per hour for doing the business accounting that you should already be doing anyway.

And with Deductr, your time is used much more productively because of how simple yet powerful it is.

Come tax time at the end of the year, simply send your Tax Professional your Deduction Maximizer export, and YOUR TAXES ARE DONE!

No more worrying about the tedious time-consuming process of calculating and filing your taxes!

Following the MLM Tax Advantage process will ensure that everything is in line and ready to go at tax time with little to no extra effort. Just do your normal daily accounting and your Business Tax Professional will do the rest. It is quite literally that simple.

There are no other products on the market that come close to comparing in value to our Deduction Optimizer.


A continuation of the My Business Setup assessment that helps you define and implement your business strategy to maximize your profitability.

A sound business plan can mean the difference between success and failure for your business.

My Business Plan will ask you questions about your income goals, how much time you want to commit to working your business, who your competition is, how you will market your product or service, among other things.

Then it designs a unique business plan just for your business.

A sound business plan only works if it is followed, so Deductr helps you stick to your plan by prompting you if you are falling short in your activity or income goals.

This insures that you will make any adjustments necessary to stay on track and reach your desired business success and income goals.

It makes no difference if...

You've tried network marketing before and tanked hard...
You've been blind sided by too many guru rip-off systems...
You've never sold a single thing before in your life...

REGARDLESS of who you are or WHERE you come from, this system arms you with the SYSTEM that GUARANTEES  your success.

The difference is MLM Tax Advantage and Deductr, and you're just MINUTES from discovering it!

But before I REVEAL the Secret Formula, you have to agree that...

You ARE ready for a NEW LIFE where you...

Work at your OWN pace from ANYWHERE in the world, WHENEVER you want and HOWEVER you want...
Put an END to ALL your MONEY worries, provide ABUNDANCE for your family, and secure your financial future...
Start TODAY with no technical know-how. If you can COPY and PASTE you have all the knowledge it takes to BEGIN, today!...

This simple process will put you right in line to bring home as much as $200-$800  or more PER MONTH, starting as soon as your very next paycheck!

And Then Our system and education will give you all the tools and info you need to take your business to a level you could have only dreamed of before today.

It doesn't get much better than this.

But bEFORE we get started, I should make an honest disclaimer... this is DEFINITELY NOT
for everyone.

I really want to stress this point, because I don't want people to waste their own time continuing, after they find out this isn't for them.

So to save you the hassle, let me say this...

You should ONLY continue if you...

Are willing to put the initial effort in (can you spare a few minutes a day?)
Are willing to accept and learn from your past mistakes
Are willing to learn new things, and throw away old misconceptions

If these things don't sound like your thing, then now is your cue to leave, and thanks for stopping by...sorry about that.

But if you're nodding your head at all of the above, then darn it, you ARE qualified to make MLM Tax Advantage WORK for YOU, right NOW, today!

In fact, this will be perfect for you, if you...

Are Sick and tired of NOT making any money
Sick and tired of being scammed into buying lots of useless courses online
Can't get traffic to save your life (or at least, not enough of it to make big money)

Is that what you're after? I hope so, because...

wHEN you actually put this stuff into action tODAY, expect something sTRANGE to happen
To you...

I mean, something you've never experienced before. You'll be starting to experience the kind of lifestyle you've had your heart and mind set on since you got into this crazy world of network marketing...

...more cash than you can possibly spend on yourself, your friends and family

...more time and freedom without the dreaded Monday morning blues ruining your weekend

...no more traffic jams and screaming bosses

...a longer, happier life with lower blood pressure and less stress

...the ability to travel the world, take vacations, and never have to book it off or calculate how much holiday allowance you'll have left for the rest of the year (and STILL make more money whilst on vacation, than most doctors and lawyers do)

And when you actually START getting the kind of MASS EXPOSURE, TRAFFIC, Leads, Recruits and SALES that your MLM Tax Advantage is capable of getting for you...

...that's when you can quickly FORGET about beating yourself up over the STEEP learning curve, or the vein popping stress from technical barriers...

And FINALLY prove to your friends and family that you were RIGHT all along!

Add to Cart

Don't you WISH you could prove them all wrong? Don't you wish you could provide for your family at those special times, like birthdays, or when their health is at risk?

I know I DID, and that's why I spent 22 months PERFECTING a system to be able to provide myself and my family with that stable, secure piece of mind...

...and of course, enjoy life WITHOUT four walls and red tape holding us back, depressing us and keeping us from all the memories and fun that's waiting to be had out there.

And now I'm literally handing it to you on a plate, to share the wealth, and the fun, that this kind of mass marketing can deliver to every day folks just like you.

So let's forget the past...

...where you had to network and "schmooze" for years

...where you had to take $10k training seminars or get various business and marketing degrees

...where you had to struggle, fight and risk losing your mind, in the hope of what I'm offering you today

Because today - right now - you have a chance to actually make a full time income or more from one single system.

So now I want you to think about everything you'll get from using this system, and ask yourself...

How much is it worth for you to have all this?

How much is it worth for you to... Have an Instant Increase in Your Take Home Cash of as much as $200-$800 or More Per Month! Starting with Your Very Next Paycheck...?
How much is it worth for you to... be able to quit your day job, never be told what to do again, and live a life of zero stress?
How much is it worth for you to... be able to provide for your friends and family, whenever the good and bad times stare you in the face?
How much is it worth for you to... prove it to yourself and your loved ones,that yes, you REALLY CAN make this network marketing thing work?
How much is it worth for you to... spend all that time and money playing golf, taking your friends and family on summer vacations, buying yourself big TVs and a nicer car?

Just think of all the money you've spent on training, advertising and gimmicky tools that eat into your profits and time...

...is it really the way you want to carry on living?

Listen, you've likely spent thousands on trying to make money in network marketing, and you've wasted months, maybe even years, trying to get and KEEP the new recruits coming in...

...but today, I'm giving you a RARE SHORTCUT based on what is working right now, and it won't cost you thousands of dollars...

...and it certainly WONT cost you months or even years to start seeing the additional cash come flooding in as a result either.

So before we come to the price...

let's just quickly recap on what you will be getting here today...

Let's assume you go out and put this into action today. If you follow the training as it is laid out, and don't skip anything due to excitement, then just think...

You could easily begin to bring home as much as $200-$800 or more in the next few weeks

Then after a couple of weeks, as you learn the sytsem you'll start seeing a regular pattern of leads, sales and new business associates coming in. Before the end of the month, you come to EXPECT a new sale or recruit to pop up in your business on a daily basis, like clock work...

...all from following my simple system.

How would that feel to you?

I can assure you, it's addictive, and you'll probably spend a bit more time on the system, and repeat the process once more...

...and then the same thing happens...

...MORE sales and rescruits start to roll in. This time, it happens even quicker because you are a pro at this particular MLM Tax Advantage system...

...and after another week or so, you are getting multiple sales or recruits coming in each day.

Within your first month, way within your trial period, you're making as much as $100-200 per day from your new marketing efforts.

So, what would you pay for that kind of income?

Most people spend sEVERAL years and THOUSANDS of dollars in education to get to that level of income, but NOT YOU, because you can cHEAT the system lEGALLY right now!

...and it's all yours for just $247?

That's right, I want you to have all of this for just $247?

BEFORE I reveal the right price I want to REMIND you THAT...

That is less than you would spend in advertising in the next few weeks...
That is much less than you would have spent on all those crappy courses and fad software...
And it's less than most people spend on junk food and movie rentals in a month...

But just think of the rewards...

...you could use this system to pay for all the junk food, movies, advertising, software, or heck, cars and bigger homes after you've really got going.

But still, I realize that you probably won't be able to make it in...

After all, $247 maybe a bit too much for the beginner, or for folks who have spent their last few bucks on overpriced info products.

And my intention is to get AS MANY people on board as possible, so I can get some GREAT feedback and further GROW my already strong and trusted reputation and TRACK RECORD with teaching people HOW to make money online with network marketing.

So, I've decided to run a SPECIAL DISCOUNT for a short period of time...

Meaning that right now, you can bag this entire course for way less than half price!

Yep, just $29.97 is all you need to INVEST to get the REAL low down on your MLM Tax Advantages at the street level!

Crazy when you think about those guys who spend $100's per week on stocks and shares...or on horses and dogs, with NO GUARANTEED win.

But today, I am GUARANTEEING you'll make MORE MONEY than anything else you've experienced when you use this course. If you simply follow it through and take action.

And I'm so sure of that, I'm going to stand tall with this SPECIAL GUARANTEE for you...

The no-Nonsense "You make life changing money or you get it all for free" GUARANTEE...

That's right, I'm going to put both my own solid reputation and money on the line here with this one. I'm so sure this MLM Tax Advantage system will have you RAKING in additional cash within days from now, that you simply cannot lose...

...but INSTEAD of just telling you that, I want you to actually put my claims to the test and see for yourself.

Give yourself the chance to try the SIMPLE yet POWERFUL strategies inside the system, and SEE what happens to YOUR bank account as a result!

If for any reason you don't like it, or change your mind, whatever...you aren't going to spend a single red cent on it.

But I'm also...

Going To Put MY MONEY
WHERE My Mouth Is!

GUARANTEE #2: If you follow all the proven money making MLM Tax Advantage methods and you don't see results... within 60 days show me proof that you did everything I teach in the course, and I'll reach into my own pocket and give you a 100% refund PLUS $100 cash just for giving MLM Tax Advantage an honest try!

So, let's wrap this up...

NOW is the time for yOU to DECIDE
WHICH path YOU want to take...

The clock REALLY is ticking, and if you want to taste success then you MUST take ACTION one way or the other.

And remember, the SOONER you act, the MORE of your hard earned money you'll get to keep.

WHY let each day pass by, now that you KNOW there IS an easier way to get $200-$800 or More Per Month and to generate endless leads, sales and recruits with ease?

For those that choose to ignore this simple fact, they end up LOSING out and making it HARDER than it has to be.

I know I did the same when I first heard about Network Marketing... I refused to believe it was so simple...

That's why I jumped HEAD first into learning the MLM Tax Benefits, and why I think YOU should too. After all, the internet and tax laws are always evolving, and you need to EXPLOIT these opportunities whilst they are HERE, right UNDER your nose...

...cash in with it, and never worry if they get screwed up in the future, BECAUSE you'll have already made your money from it! And will have all the info needed to course correct when the laws change...

Right now, that's what your competitors are doing...

Overtaking you, stealing YOUR customers, YOUR team members, and making money that could have been put in YOUR bank account...

...and if you don't embrace the fact that the laws already changed in the last 12 months for marketers, you'll continue to lose out on opportunities to take home extra cash, customers and money...

...because your competitors will be bagging it all up whilst you sleep in the night.

So WHY wait for tomorrow?

I mean, can you honestly be certain of what nasty surprises aren't lurking around the corner?

Anything could happen in your personal life, in your marketing career, or elsewhere...

...and you never know when you'll need that traffic and cash to make sure you're prepared for the good, and the bad that life has to offer you.

And besides...

...shouldn't you be living for today, not for the tomorrow that might just never come?

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**Please Note: This is NOT a Network Marketing Opportunity, Nor are we a training program for how to run or grow a network marketing business. We are simply going to show you how to keep more of the money you are already making by taking advantage of the tax deductions that are available to you because you are involved in running a business**

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*The $100 guarantee is only valid if you can prove and show us that you took considerable action on the methods that are taught inside the system. Proof could consist of screenshots, documentation and/or videos, as well as records of how many times you logged in and how much of the setup you completed - however we will make the final decision based on the information you give. A 'result' could be classed as finding at least one way to increase your available tax deductions, generating at least one lead, selling any product or recruiting any distributors.